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12 October 2019
Job ID: VN61-49
URGENT - Maintenance Manager (Long An)
  • Health care package
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1) Maintenance • Organize the technical workforce in order to optimize the efficiency of process. • Plan and organize preventive maintenance according to suppliers’ requirements and experience. • Maintain the facility in good conditions for hygiene, safety and productivity of pro-duction according to other department requirements. • Coordinate work between production, internal or external technical staff in order to optimize availability of process. • Be a source of proposition regarding improvement of the processes and buildings. • Participate in selecting the investments with top management. • Organize, coordinate and follow installations of new processes and buildings. • Purchase any machinery or spare parts needed. 2) Manage production staff • Recruit and develop an efficient technical team, able to fulfill their tasks efficiently. • Determine and update the Company’s needs in terms of technical supply. • Train the staff. • Coordinate with other departments to ensure smooth operations of the Company. • Assess the Employee’s performances. • Encourage efficiency and suggest rewards for best Employees 3) Quality • Ensure that all the internal or external technical staff follow the rules regarding safe-ty, work regulation, hygiene and environment protection. • Solve technical problems occurring in the production process and recommend solu-tions and ways to enforce them. 4) Communication • Make sure that the Management’s instructions are properly transmitted to staff and inform said Management about any pertinent information • Maintain a good work atmosphere in the shifts and report any degradation to the Managing Director in order to find solutions 5) Safety • Apply and make all technical staff (both employees and third party) apply safety rules in order to avoid any accident. • Report any risk of accident to the managing director to anticipate solutions 6) General • Participate in the Management Board and help improve the global performances of the Company KPI • Technical stops duration in min/worked hour. • Length stops/machine and or process in Pareto graph. • Maintenance cost / kg processed. • Any KMI required by managing director MANAGEMENT • Must supervise all technical staff in the facility. • In charge of recruitment, training, evaluation. • Must manage the planning according to operational requirements. TRAINING/EXPERIENCE • Must have a technical diploma with electrical skill and automation. Mechanic skill as cooling are welcomed. • Must have a good experience in managing a maintenance team, less preferably, in other food facilities • English spoken CONTACTS OUTSIDE THE COMPANY • In charge of the relationship with authorities regarding all technical, safety and envi-ronment issues with support of quality and administration departments. • Supports other departments in their communication with suppliers of tools, machin-ery or process. CONTACTS INSIDE THE COMPANY • Participate in the management board. • Reports directly to the General Management. • Communicates with all departments of the company. REPORTING • Daily, weekly and monthly reports: stops, maintenance schedule, corrective mainte-nance. • Reports must be given on time and be precise and concise. • Participates in budget planning. INTERNAL CONTROLS and EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK • Knows the internal control procedures, follows and enforces them. • Knows the Employee Handbook, follows it and enforces it. INFORMATION SYSTEM • Knows the internal rules on data management and protection, follows it and enforces it.


PERSONAL BEHAVIOR • As a manager, must be exemplary and show leadership. • Must show enthusiasm and push for success of the Company • Must be reliable and structured. • Must have a global vision of the Company, its strategy and route to success. • Must have safety and quality as well as economic performance in mind at all time.

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