14 May 2019
Job ID: VN46-3
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*Overview Our role as Aman Vinh Hy amanoi Immersion Program Spa Manager is crucial in company’s vision to provide a professional, individual and unique service to all Aman Spa guests. Our vision is to work from the heart to light in people’s lives. At Aman Spa we recognize each guest and each member of staff as a unique individual with his/her own dreams, visions and path in life. Our guiding values when dealing with guests and each other are honesty, generosity, responsibility, patience, caring and awareness. In order to fulfill our vision, we as Amanoi Immersion Program Manager are required excellent communication and social skills, especially when dealing with team member from different cultural, professional represent. In your role as Amanoi Immersion Program Manager we set the standards for operation procedures and treatments that will fulfill our vision statement within the Aman Spas. Primary Responsibility: 1. Responsible for the handling and confidentiality of all pre arrival health questionaires or intake forms that are sent to the guest prior to arrival at Amanoi 2. Responsible for all initial Immersion consultations prior to finalising guests personal Immersion programs. 3. Responsible for liaising with clients that are interested in the Wellness programmes. 4. Intervene effectively with participants who are in crisis 5. Review pertinent medical history, current diagnosis, and pharmaceutical data via information database system 6. Carries out an in-depth consultation with each client prior to prescribing a treatment protocol or programme, ensuring that a full medical history is taken and possible drug interactions are noted. 7. Keeps detailed case notes for each client, ensuring they are legible and comprehensive whilst respecting the confidentiality of the client. 8. Ensures that no actual medical diagnosis is made by the Wellness Team unless by a qualified doctor. 9. Assists participant in forming solutions for presenting problem and co- define and determine realistic goals with participant 10. Encourage adoption of habits that are conducive to a higher quality of life. Assesses participant needs and theory of change utilizing a holistic point of view 11. Develops customised care plan for programme participants including goals and plan of action. *Operational Responsibility: 1. Implement standards for operation procedures in wellness Immersion program with in the resorts as well as the spa operations. 2. To provide the highest level of service to guests, that which is safe, hygienic and creates the ambience to ensure high guest satisfaction and also organization profitability in an atmosphere of teamwork and high employee morale. 3. To have a Holistic approach to profession. 4. Market and promote wellness immersion program to guests. 5. Focus to improve projected Wellness Immersion Program revenue targets. 6. Provide holistic treatments to guests and hosts. 7. Knowledge of herbs, treatments, anatomy and physiology, traditional herbal medicine and food. 8. To ensure that compliance of all standard operating procedures is adhered to in order to achieve the level of service established in the wellness immersion program. 9. To provide courteous and professional service at all times. 10. To provide specialist treatments for guests as required in Wellness Immersion Program. 11. To maintain a high profile with guests within the spa as well as Resort. 12. To establish good guest relations communication and ensure sufficient promotion for AMANOI Wellness Immersion Program within the Spa and Local Community. 13. To develop and maintain effective channels of communication throughout the Resort and Spa department. 14. To perform at least twice a week workshops and lectures pertaining to own professional field, To develop a chargeable guest experience as a meditation session followed by a tea ceremony in a natural environment 15. To make suggestions to improve the Spa treatment and require food menu for the wellness immersion program. 16. To provide written articles for internal and external publications as and when necessary. 17. To liaise and promote AMANOI Wellness Immersion Program as required with the press, journalists, travel agents and assist with FAM visits. 18. To have a complete understanding of and adhere to the Resort’s employee rules and regulations. 19. To have a complete understanding of and adhere to the Resort’s policy relating to fire, hygiene, health and safety. 20. To make suggestion on improvements of the AMANOI Wellness Immersion Program SOP’s. 21. To handle all guest complaints, requests and enquiries on departmental services. 22. Over and above duties of a wellness immersion program, you are expected to help in any way that the Spa Manager thinks is fit in order to keep the Spa running as a five star facility. 23. To undertake regular market comparison surveys to understand and keep abreast of the competition. 24. Be genuinely committed to the spa staffs care and development. 25. Coordinate with Housekeeping and Engineering to ensure that the facility is clean and in working order. 26. Assist in the implementation of areas in need of improvement. 27. Ensure spa and resort guidelines are followed. 28. Assist in and ensure communication between the spa team and resort team are consistent, informative and professional. 29. Comply with all AMAN Resorts policies, procedures and standards. 30. Complete other duties as assigned by the AMANOI Spa Manager, RM and GM. *ADMINISTRATIVE: 31. To fill in documents / controls / reports for duty. 32. To report lost and found items and submit guest incident reports to the Manager. 33. To update the communications book on daily events if any. 34. To complete written prescriptions for guests whenever applicable. *TRANING AND DEVELOPMENT: 35. To participate in training as required. 36. To facilitate training as required. 37. To ensure self and team members attend mandatory and other training programs by allocating dedicated training time. 38. To help team members to develop. 39. To give timely and specific performance feedback to staff. 40. To assist in the training of hosts within the department, ensuring that the standards and methods of service are maintained as per AMAN spa manual. 41. To work in liaison with the Spa Management to maintain all training standards. *STOCK CONTROL: 42. To be responsible for quality control of stock. 43. To develop, supervise, and monitor stock control procedures to Immersion Program Coordinator and Assistant. 44. To carry out monthly stock count, both retail and professional stock 45. To establish, implement, update and monitor of the Spa training manual in stock control procedures. 46. To monitor usage of products. 47. To keep regular accounting for accurate product levels of supply ordering. (Working with Assistant Spa Manager and Spa Manager). Major Job Task Include: 48. To establish good guest relations and rapport with all spa staff and guests at all times. 49. To display a positive attitude and to drive problem to resolution in difficult times. 50. To approach own work with a sense of urgency and purpose. 51. To track activities in progress and/or completed activities to ensure stated objectives are accomplished. 52. To accept others thoughts, concerns and feelings without being judgmental. 53. To modify approach/style to manage change positively without compromising AMANOI Values. 54. To challenge and re-examine processes and procedures to maximize efficiency. 55. To seek full understanding of new procedures or methods resulting from change. 56. To see change as an opportunity rather than a problem. 57. To be well groomed and presentable at all times and according to the AMANOI spa grooming standards. 58. To participate in the building of an efficient spa team. 59. To keep a professional working manner at all times. 60. To generate creative ideas or solutions to problems. 61. To use information to enhance team performance. 62. To show enthusiasm and motivation at all times. 63. To communicate team goals and objectives to team and to draw action plans to meet long term objectives and to communicate them. 64. To provide innovative solutions to current challenges. 65. To understand team’s needs, foster their development and build relationships within the team. 66. To have a complete understanding of and adhere to the Spa staff rules and regulations. 67. To have a complete understanding of and adhere to the Spa policy relating to fire, hygiene, health and safety. 68. To assist other teams when required to complete the tasks assigned. 69. To carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned. 70. Maintain the standards for operation procedures and treatments that will fulfill our vision statement within the AMAN Spas. 71. Ensure that Spa service preparation and departmental operations accords with the standards prescribed in the Departmental Operations Manual.


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Amanoi Resort Vinh Hy Bay, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam
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