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13 September 2020
Job ID: VN58-346
Mechanical Supervisor
  • Big working environment with many foreigners who come from 14 countries
  • Extra insurances for employees, spouse, children under 18 years old
  • Competitive salary, provided freely with accommodation, laundry and meal allowance

A supervisor is responsible for scheduling employee's work tasks and duties. They are also responsible for approving leave time, sick time, overtime, and leave of absence requests. Supervisors are responsible for listening to complaints and concerns of their area employees. They are responsible for making sure all conflicts are resolved. If mentoring or counseling is needed, they are also responsible for providing it. It is the duty of all supervisors to be knowledgeable about safety laws, policies, and procedures relating to Nui Phao activities. They are responsible to make sure those procedures are safely acted upon and regulated. A supervisor needs to give constructive criticism and reward the employees when they are doing a good job. They need to have a high skill level and knowledge of engineering and machine principles along with methods of manufacture and repair. - Maintain adequate leading hand and trades staffing levels required to fulfill department work/task needs. - Ensure all conflicts arising within the workplace are addressed as per the company’s policies and procedures. - Administer any disciplinary actions as directed from their immediate superior. - Approve all leading hand and trades annual, sick, and other leave on the basis as required without favoritism or prejudice. - Develop any specific work instructions as required for the improvement work procedures (SOP) - Complete all KPI requirements as directed by their superiors. - Analysis, develop, and implement processes and procedures necessary to complete tasks to a satisfactory level. - Review WTR’s to ensure all tasks are completed safely and within the value and scope of the scheduled requirements. - Suggest, and when directed implement policy changes as requested from their superior. - Consider and suggest strategies that reduce company and departmental operating and procedural costs. - Ability to problem-solve and suggest alternative concepts of repair. - Review weekly planned work and reschedule works not completed. - Where/when required review warehouse stock and parts so that they remain at suitable levels. - Without Bias or prejudice carry out Performance Reviews on subordinates. - Maintain accurately and up to date handover information for incoming supervisors. - Report all issues and complete downtime reporting as per company policy. - Closeout work orders with the necessary information for future reference. - Create work orders for equipment and plant operational sustainability. - Ensure correct and sufficient parts and consumables are ordered for specific tasks and projects. - Willingly participate in all shutdown activates as and when directed to do so. Review all allocated activities associated with shutdown work packs and ensure all required items, labor, and duration of activities are correct. - Responding to maintenance requests and planned preventative maintenance activities for plant and equipment using the SAP system - Follow up corrective actions and implement countermeasures to minimize the reoccurrence of faults - Undertake maintenance surveys and produce reports accurately and concise - Comply and enforce all company’s safety policies and procedures. - Conduct handover meetings and record the required information. Pass on relevant information for the incoming supervisors. - Daily checks of equipment performance so that preventative maintenance plans can be made immediately to prevent possible serious damage. - Organize manpower, equipment, tooling, materials to complete the job with safety, quality, and time. - Ensure QA/QC during, and at the end of all work tasks.


Qualification University graduate of mechanical manufacture Experience - General knowledge and experience of maintaining heavy equipment in a production plant e.g. mills, crushers, vibrating screens, conveyors, pumps, gearboxes, etc. - Five years of direct mechanical experience with mining and mining process maintenance or major project construction. - Able to interpret engineering drawings - Personal Qualities - Sound English skills in written and spoken communication. - Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite. Computer literate. - Team orientated - Supervisory experience - Have good communication and interpersonal skills - Able to take personal responsibility for own actions - Be open to new ideas, understand the need for change, and be willing to adapt - Be responsible for your personal presentation, health, and physical fitness - Maintain a high level of attendance - Take all possible steps to ensure a safe working environment for yourself and others

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Masan High-Tech Materials
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