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Mã công việc: VN64-30
Facility Manager
  • In accordance to company policy

- Ensure the normal operation of factory facilities with good reliability and efficiency. 確保廠務設施以高可靠度及效率正常運轉 - Ensure the performance and professionalism elevation of department staff. 確保部門人員工作表現及專業度提升 - Support the business growth and production requirement of the company 支援公司業務成長及生產需求 - Dispatch and manage manpower to operate and maintain factory facilities based on SOP 以標準作業流程調度管理人力以操作及維護廠務設施 (部門人員約50人,用電負載最高20MW, 污水站5座) - Evaluate the performance of department staff. 考核部門人員績效 - Provide training course for department staff. 為部門人員提供訓練課程 - Identify systematic problems and solutions based on data-driven approaches. 以數據分析方法找出系統性問題及其解答 - Propose hardware upgrade and extension based on the production plans and the policy of the company. 依公司發展政策及生產計畫提出硬體升級及擴充。 - Report the energy and water efficiency to NIKE in English monthly. 每月以英文向NIKE報告水電使用效率


Education: - Bachelor's degree or above. Major in electrical or environmental engineering/大學以上電機或環工學系畢業 - 5-years working experience in the same position or above/ 5年以上廠務部門工作經驗 - Fluently in English or Chinese (listening, speaking, reading & writing) Knowledge: - Be familiar with the theory of operation of power supply system./ 熟悉電力系統運作原理 - Be familiar with the theory of operation of waste water treatment/熟悉污水處理運作原理 - Be familiar with the theory of operation of air conditioners./ 熟悉冷凍空調運作原理 Skills: - Communication/ 溝通 - Task dispatch/ 工作分配 - Staff management/人員管理 - Logical thinking /邏輯思考

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