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12 September 2019
Job ID: VN30-32054
Art Teaching Assistant
  • 20 ngày nghỉ phép có lương trong năm
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REPORTING TO: Art Teacher/Head of Learning Support JOB DESCRIPTION: Teaching and learning 1. Provide support for students inside and outside the classrooms, to enable them to fully participate in learning activities. 2. Reinforcing lessons and providing students assistance as they complete classwork. This might include small group or one-on-one help. 3. Assisting the teacher with standard housekeeping tasks like taking attendance, collecting homework, and recording grades. 4. Delivering interventions to individual students or small groups withdrawn from lessons. 5. Modify learning resources to support students with learning support needs. 6. Supporting the social and emotional development of pupils, reporting any issues when required. 7. Serving as a sounding board and assisting teachers as they create lessons and classroom policies. 8. Helping meet the needs of Learning Support students by making modifications to lessons as needed. This might include doing things like reading tests out loud and providing additional time outside of class for students to finish assessments. 9. Provide regular feedback to teachers on pupils’ progress. 10. Assist in organising educational activities such as trips, assemblies, events, examination invigilation, etc. Art TA duties: 1. Arrange the furniture in the studios and clear desks at the beginning of the day. 2. Check the supply of paper towels, cleaning cloths and general facilities at the sink areas 3. Ensuring adequate level of materials and equipment are available in the classroom; Collect and set out resources, tools and materials for lessons, e.g. pouring out batches of ink or paint, distributing brushes, paper etc. before the lesson. 4. Assist Art Department staff by preparing materials and media in advance, e.g. wedging clay, preparing slabs, mixing colours, cutting up fabric or melting wax to set examples. 5. 5 minutes before the end of each lesson, help with the cleaning up of the studio, clearing away of any equipment used and the storage of student’s work. 6. Supervising students with equipment and machinery; Assisting students with practical work 7. Check the jobs list posted in Room 344 and see when the deadlines have been set. 8. Assisting with preparation and staging of exhibitions Administrative duties 1. Prepare and present displays of students' work 2. Support class teachers in photocopying, material developing and other tasks in order to support teaching 3. Undertake other duties from time to time as the Head Teacher requires (school / bus / club / summer duties etc,) 4. Assist in organising Parents’ Meetings e.g. arranging appointments, translating 5. Ensure there are sufficient resources and equipment in the classroom for the activities Standards and quality assurance 1. Support the aims and ethos of the school 2. Set a good example in terms of dress, punctuality and attendance 3. Attend team and staff meetings 4. Be proactive in matters relating to health and safety


REQUIREMENTS 1. Vietnamese. 2. University graduate, has back ground of Fine Art is preferred. 3. Experience of teaching. 4. Competent English speaker. 5. Hard working and willing to learn new things 6. Can work as part of a team. WORKING TIME: 8:00am- 5:00pm, Mon-Friday DEADLINE OF APPLICATION: 20 September 2019

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British Vietnamese International School HCMC (BVIS)
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