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Mã công việc: VN30-61705
Swimming Coach- PE Teacher/ Giáo Viên Bơi Lội, Thể Dục Trường Quốc Tế
  • 13 month salary
  • 8 weeks holiday

Swimming Coach: - To help teach and coach students of all ages and abilities to develop swimming skills, technique and confidence in the water. - To plan and deliver lessons ensuring adherence to the scheme of work and lesson plans - Ensure safe provision of all equipment and ensure it is used correctly - Make sure safety standards are followed in sessions and undertake risk assessments - Identify participants’ abilities and encourage them to reach their full potential - Plan and deliver sessions appropriate to the level of swimmer - Provide explanations and demonstrate swimming techniques - Correct faults in swimming techniques and identify ways to improve performance - To be a positive role model, creating a positive and fun environment in which to motivate and encourage children and adults to participate in swimming - Set ground rules for each session - Evaluate sessions and give feedback - Work alongside the Swimming Coordinator, other Swimming Teachers/Coaches, Lifeguards etc to help ensure that participants are able to swim in a safe environment. Physical Education Teacher: - Celebrate individual and collective accomplishments by teaching the importance of self-improvement - Create appealing lessons that implement a variety of methodologies - Cultivate student awareness and ownership of personal performance - Design, plan, and implement physical education lessons based on school district/state/national standards - Encourage teamwork as to set collective and personal development goals - Ensure accommodations and modifications are made for the growth and development of all students - Ensure that the physical education environment is clean, safe and constructive for all students - Teach knowledge and skills in physical fitness, rhythms and dance, health education, and individual, dual and team sports


Competent and capable physical education teachers are professionals who: - Are able to communicate their expectations to students and families and work with them to ensure they are achieving personal goals - Consistently address the needs of individuals students - Demonstrate the use of proven, research-based strategies for effective classroom management, lesson planning, active student engagement, and instructional delivery - Support a school’s share vision and common goals regarding physical education and physical activity Ongoing, daily duties of physical education teachers include: - Employing a variety of instructional techniques and instructional media that is consistent with the physical limitations, needs, and capabilities of individuals students and/or groups of students - Guiding students in maintaining acceptable standards of classroom behavior - Maintaining records of individual student achievement and evaluating students on a continuous basis - Meeting and instructing assigned classes at designated times - Preparing for classes and maintaining written evidence of preparation - Upholding and enforcing school rules, school board policies, and administrative regulations - Working with other members of the physical education staff to plan instructional goals, objectives, and methods • Certified Pool lifeguard and pool emergency pediatric first aid is compulsory.

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Spring Hill Education
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