S&K VINA Luxury Packaging

Job ID: VN11-34 | Location: Binh Phuoc, Vietnam
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S&K VINA Luxury Packaging

Job ID: VN11-34 | Location: Binh Phuoc, Vietnam

Chuyên Viên IT

  • Insurance as Law
  • Bus go back HCM every Saturday
  • 12 annual leave per year

Negotiation ~ 500 to 800 USD - Control all internet & server system of company - Supporting to automation team work in ERP and automation software - All other relating be disscuss during an interview


"Must have a good understanding of LAN/WAN and server, storage and connectivity architecture for installation, administration, and on-going maintenance. • Have good experience an understanding of Microsoft applications such as Exchange Server, Domain controller including AD, DHCP, DNS, RADIUS, Site, File server, GPO, support system software and Virtualization Infrastructure based VMWARE • Have a good understanding of applied networks technologies including: protocols interface, optical, etc. • Have a good knowledge and understand computer hardware, storage for Data Centre • Have a general knowledge of VoIP system. • Have a good soft skill such as communication, email business writing, project planning… • Requires demonstrated knowledge of IT-related hardware and software systems. • Requires demonstrated ability and knowledge to troubleshoot, problem solving a wide variety of infrastructure network and architecture problems as they arise in the workplace."

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